Testimonial #1

Caroline is great! She has turned me from a 54 year old exercise hating couch potato into a fitter, healthier, lighter new me and although I am no younger, I feel as if I am.

I do a mixture of Pilates, Resistance and Cardiovascular exercises and really look forward each week to our session.

Although I have been seeing Caroline for over a year it wasn't until a few months ago that I opted to have a nutritional counselling session with her which consisted of a thorough interview to ascertain my health history, current diet and goals. As I had a history of IBS, that was top of my list along with a desire to lose a little weight. Caroline took into account all of these factors including my awkward work schedule that means I often can't eat my evening meal until gone 9pm and came up with a plan that I have been able to adopt with relative ease and considerable success.

I have so far lost eighteen pounds and since the initial rapid fall of half a stone I am losing on average one to two pounds per week but more importantly the constant discomfort in my stomach is a thing of the past. I so wish that I had done this sooner as not only do I feel so much better in my self, I am also sleeping more soundly, deeply and for longer than ever before which as a lifelong insomniac is incredible.

I find that the plan she has designed for me is easy to stick to and very satisfying as I am never left feeling hungry. I also have more energy as I am eating the right food at the right time of the day to suit my body's needs and the best thing is I am thoroughly enjoying what I am eating which makes it easy.

I am so grateful to Caroline for shaping the new me and I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her.

Alan (54, Oxted, Surrey)

Testimonial #2

I first found Caroline after Googling for a personal trainer. Most of them seemed rather too energetic for me but what attracted me to read further on her website was the fact that she also catered for the older person with health problems (I have a bad back) and seemed to offer all that I was hoping for.

I wasn't let down. Since being under her instruction, it was agreed that Pilates and Corrective Exercise was suitable for me and I haven't looked back, excuse the pun! The exercises have helped enormously to alleviate my back problems and if I do overdo it during day to day activities, as we are all prone to do sometimes, it has made my recovery time that much quicker.

Caroline works every individual at their own pace, is not set on making you "feel the burn", is patient and understanding but even so won't let you back slide so there is constant progress!

I've never been an enthusiastic exerciser and have mostly seen it as a chore to get through but I can honestly say that I enjoy and benefit from my weekly sessions which I thoroughly look forward to.

I was so happy with Caroline that I introduced her to my husband who now also sees her. He does a completely different session to mine, tailor made to suit him.

We have both also taken advantage of the fact that Caroline is a qualified nutritional therapist and have had some nutrition counselling from her. I have to say that I have very little self discipline but have taken on board what is suitable for me. However, my husband has really gone for it and is feeling very much better as a result and has also lost weight.

In conclusion, finding and selecting Caroline has been one of the best choices I have made in my life and it has made a substantial difference to me and my wellbeing.

Marion (54, Surrey)

Testimonial #3

Caroline originally trained as a ballet dancer and brings discipline and purpose to my exercise regime. She takes me through the pain barrier with agreeable determination.

Caroline brings her warm personality and patience to her work both as a personal trainer and a nutritional therapist. She uses her demanding and positive attitudes towards training to help me reach specific goals and ensures that the sessions are fun, creative and interesting.

Jan (60, Surrey)

Testimonial #4

Having had a lower back problem for the last 8 years and a general lack of energy and motivation for almost as long, I decided to seek help and was fortunate enough to find Caroline Brooks-Jacklin. I have always known that exercise and correct nutrition prevents and cures a lot of ills, but have lacked the knowledge and long-term discipline to turn the hours spent down the gym into sustainable benefits. Caroline's holistic approach to personal training and nutrition, coupled with her warm, friendly persona, makes my training sessions educational as well as beneficial and fun allowing me to have confidence that I am achieving my goals both efficiently and safely. My lower back weakness has improved noticeably, impressing my chiropractor (who's opinion Caroline sought before launching into a full training programme), and my approach to nutrition has been greatly enhanced. Deciding to train with Caroline has been one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a new lease of life.

Adrian (40, Hildenborough, Kent)

Testimonial #5

I am a 42 year old mother of two and have struggled with my weight and yo-yo dieted for as long as I can remember. When I knew I just couldn't let myself get any fatter or unhealthier I got in touch with Caroline, who had been recommended to me. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Caroline set me on a path of healthy eating which I have found far easier to follow than any other diet I have been on, simply because it is not a diet, but a healthier approach to food, without weighing or measuring, but enjoying and never feeling hungry. That, along with the exercise programme that Caroline created especially for me, helped me lose 1½ stone in 12 weeks. I feel fitter and healthier than I have done in a long time and I no longer feel fuzzy headed and horrid when I wake up in the morning. It's a tonic and inspiration every time I see her and I feel more motivated the better I look and feel. I still have another 1½ stone to lose, but I feel more confident than I have ever felt that I will get there.

Julie (42, Tonbridge, Kent)

Testimonial #6

I have been training with Caroline for the last 5 years. In that time I have made significant progress in establishing my core stability which has had a knock on effect on my posture and overall strength.

I have Parkinsons Disease and have been able to control the stiffness and lack of mobility through my regular exercise and massage sessions with Caroline.

Caroline is a terrific person to work with, creating a relaxed and most enjoyable atmosphere when training.

Karen (Sevenoaks)