Sports Massage

All athletes and sports people strive to enhance their performance. The main risk associated with their efforts is injury, and, however careful they may be, they are likely to sustain injury from time to time.

Sports massage is used in a preventative way to minimise this risk and allow improvement to be had. It is also used in post injury treatments to help get back to function.

One of the most common sports injuries results from overuse. If treated early, such injuries can be prevented from becoming debilitating and, once taken care of, can be guarded against in the future.

Heading Off Injuries

As well as directly treating an existing problem, sports massage can identify possible faults in training which could be hindering progression or be building up to problems in the future.

Pre- and post-training and competition massage can provide information that might otherwise not be available to those responsible for training and for preparation for competition.

Qualification in Sports Massage

I completed certification to BTEC Level 4 at the Cheltenham School of Sport and Remedial Massage (CSSRM).

This qualification is nationally recognized and enables me to work as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist professionally.