It Should be a Seasonal Thing

Eating fresh, locally-grown, seasonal foods all the year round is one of the best ways of making sure we are getting the correct nutrients we require.

By following the seasonal rotation of foods we can pick those foods that are plentiful at the time we buy, and which, therefore, are at the best price in the shops.

Winter may dull our resolve, so spring is a good time to start moving our diet towards seasonal foods. The variety of fresh foods is increasing and supply is becoming plentiful.

So widening our choice comes at a time when it's economical to do so. Experiencing the benefits of healthy eating through to the autumn months should set us up with good habits.

Seasonal Foods

What exactly do we mean when we talk about seasonal foods? Good question as supermarkets today stock most foods all year round.

The foods to look out for are those that are being grown locally and put on-show at places like farm shops and farmers markets.

Lightening the Diet

Obviously you will not be limited to the seasonal fruit and vegetables alone, but generally we should be looking at making our meals lighter: we should also be eating less of the heavy protein and fatty foods which we prefer in the winter.

As we come into summer, we should introduce more raw fruit and vegetables.

Water – The Spring of Life

Most of us do not drink enough water.

Our water intake tends to drop in the winter. So that is a good time of year to concentrate on increasing the amount we drink. That way we are ready for the summer when our water intake will need to be raised further to cope with the warm weather and increased physical activity.

Follow the Natural Rhythms

Years ago, we would not have had to make a conscious effort to adjust our diet as the seasons changed because nature's supply dictated what we ate. In contrast, in today's world of takeaways and convenience foods, and all-the-year-round availability, we hardly give seasonal variations a thought.

As a nutritional therapist, I maintain that it is highly beneficial to introduce more fresh seasonal foods back into our diet.

Instead of visiting local suppliers, you may prefer to have fresh food delivered.

Your local health-food shop may be able to give you details of organic fruit and veg box schemes in your area. Or try searching the Web for 'organic food delivery' in your area.