Remedial Massage and Exercise

For the body to remain pain and injury free it needs to maintain balance, flexibility and stability. If the correct balance bewteen these fitness factors is not maintained then musculoskeletal problems can arise.

In our assessment together we will idenify which muscles are abnormally tight, flexible, strong and weak. By using a combination of massage, soft tissue manipulation, stretching and strengthening exercises we can correct any imbalances thereby alleviating pain and discomfort and fortifying the body against injury.

Consultation with Other Therapists

The remedial massage programme devised for you will take into account any other therapy you may be receiving. Consultation with your physiotherapist or osteopath, for example, forms an integral part of formulating your programme.

Qualification in Remedial Massage

I completed certification to BTEC Level 4 at the Cheltenham School of Sport and Remedial Massage (CSSRM).

This qualification is nationally recognized and enables me to work as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist professionally.