Pilates, Yoga, BarrePlus, and Studio Circuits Classes

I limit the numbers in classes at The Studio to no more than five people.

This means everyone receives some individual attention: not the undivided personal focus of a one-to-one, but enough to ensure that routines followed are appropriate to the individual.

And certainly enough to guard against the unfortunate experiences that have caused some of my clients to drop out of gym and leisure centre fitness Pilates and Yoga classes — see Pilates Classes and Back Pain.

If you are looking at injury prevention, wanting to improve your performance for a specific sport or generally wanting to improve your posture and tone, then taking part in one of these small class will benefit you.

However, if you have a long term back, neck, hip or postural issue or you need rehabilitation following an injury, illness or surgery, then a full assessment followed by individual Clinical Pilates might be the appropriate way forward.

There are full details of classes on my companion website www.classesatthestudio.co.uk.

Class Timetable

This is the current schedule for classes. Please return to this page for up-to-date news of new classes and availability of places.


9:15AM Pilates (Improvers)




10:15AM Ballet Barre
12:30PM Pilates (Beginners)


9:15AM Pilates (Improvers)


8.30AM Pilates Studio Circuits (Advanced)
9.30AM Pilates (Improvers)
10.30AM Pilates and Yoga

Please call on 07711 988 746 for more information or to book your place.

Demand for places on these small classes (and some new ones yet to be scheduled) has been growing quickly as word about them has got around. So please book well in advance.

By having your name on my waiting list I shall be prompted to hurry up my plans to add new classes to meet demand.

The Classes

Full details of small classes at The Studio on my companion website www.classesatthestudio.co.uk.

Pilates Beginners

Suitable for anyone. Structured around mat work, the aims are improvements in posture, flexibility, balance, strength, graceful movement, energy and relaxation.

Pilates Improvers

Suitable for those who have been doing Pilates for more than 12 weeks. Building on the gains made in the Beginners class, Improvers involves both mat work and small equipment.

Fitness Yoga

Fantastic workout incorporating stretching, strengthening and Yoga postures.


The A-list workout taking the USA by storm, incorporating Pilates, ballet, Yoga and sports conditioning. It gets its name from the fact that many of its exercises are performed at a barre as used by ballet dancers in training and rehearsal.

Studio Circuits

Move around The Studio from exercise to exercise for a variety to your fitness programme.

Venue — The Studio

Classes are held in my private studio at Hildenborough, near Tonbridge in Kent.

This peacefull, light and airy studio outlooks onto attractive grounds—altogether a great place for your pursuit of Pilates in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.