Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find brief answers to some of the questions clients ask most often.

Some other questions have lead to fuller answers listed in the Topics menu on the right-hand side of this page.

Will i have to give up favourite foods?

I work with you on an individual treatment plan appropriate for your current health status, lifestyle and personal tastes in food.

Yes, there may be some foods the intake of which you have to limit, or even avoid, at least initially.

However the health benefits you experience hopefully will more than offset missing out on these foods.

Will i have to take vast quantities of supplements?

Generally, no.

Certainly, I do not encourage the use of large quantities of dietary supplements.

Initially in a course of treatment I focus on food and fluid intake.

However, you might reach a stage in treatment at which some natural food supplements may prove beneficial.

Does it matter that i haven't exercised before?

Not at all!

We will work together to design a Fitness Programme that is based specifically on your needs and ability.

It will take into account factors like your health, current level of fitness and lifestyle.

Our aim will be to make you confident in the exercises we choose and to motivate you into continue doing them.

Could you help me get more out of my visits to the gym?

The short answer is 'Yes'.

I can work with you to give you a better understanding of why you do certain exercises. Also, I can show you how to carry them out properly.

A Personal Fitness Trainer has the time to devote to considering your particular needs, time that possibly is not available to the gym attendant who takes you through your 'induction'.

My aim is to determine the level of exercise that will not overstrain or over-tire you, yet will deliver the improvements you are seeking.

With your new understanding and good technique you will have the confidence and motivation to take yourself back into the gym and get the most out of your visits there.

If you live in Kent, Surrey or East or West Sussex I can visit you to provide you with personal training on a one-to-one basis.