Personal Trainer

We are being told endlessly that exercise is good for us.

It's true. Exercise is good for us. Easy to say, but the hard part of exercising can be getting started or sticking to it.

This is where, as your Personal Trainer, I can really help you achieve the fitness you desire.

Exercise in Privacy

For us to keep to an exercise routine in our busy lives, that routine has to be convenient, hassle free and enjoyable.

By working at The Studio under my guidance, at a time to suit your diary, you can concentrate on exercising to full effect and without distractions.

You and Your Personal Trainer

When clients mention the benefits of working with me, one comment that comes up frequently is that they truly enjoy their workouts.

Another is that they actually look forward to them — please see client comments in Testimonials.

Positive feelings towards your fitness training will help fuel your motivation and perseverance. Consequently you are likely to keep up your efforts and continue to draw the benefits long term.

A Programme Tailored to You Personally

Everyone is different. From the results of a consultation, I can design a Personal Fitness Programme specifically for you.

We can update your Programme as you improve your fitness or if your personal circumstances change.

If appropriate, we can incorporate remedial massage, sports massage, Yoga and Pilates to add variety, interest and additional benefits to your training.

Personal Fitness Assessment

Prior to any training, I shall assess key factors that relate to your capacity for exercise and ability levels.

Then we will have all the necessary information needed to put together a safe, effective and motivating Personal Fitness Programme.

We Are What We Eat

By combining your new exercise regime with a nutritional plan, you will have the full satisfaction of reaching your goals.

From the application of a basic understanding of your nutritional needs to your diet, you will quickly start to feel and see the benefit. Quite often only a few simple changes need be made to the choice of food you eat—see Nutritional Therapy.

Weight Control

Even professional athletes are concerned about weight control.

By adopting a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise you can lose weight or prevent putting it on.

With a Nutrition Plan (see Nutritional Therapy and Weight Loss) and a Personal Fitness Programme, backed up and supported by your Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Therapist, you will have the confidence and motivation to reach your goals.

Equipment Provided

The only equipment you will need to begin your personal fitness programme is a pair of training shoes and some workout clothes—something loose and comfortable.

All other equipment will be supplied, including use of the Pilates Cadillac Reformer.

Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks Area

Clients attending one-to-ones and small classes at The Studio in Hildenborough, near Tonbridge, live in Kent, East and West Sussex and Surrey, including Crowborough, Edenbridge, Oxted, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Wadhurst and Westerham.