Treatment for Lower Back Pain

An estimate 80% of UK adults will experience short- or long-term back pain at some point in their life. Only the common cold affects more of us. Thus the cost of treatment for back pain is a major concern to the NHS.

In addressing this concern, the medical profession has recognised the importance of the rehabilitative treatment of lower back pain in preference to established, intrusive, surgical procedures.

With this recognition comes a new process of assessment and qualification — Exercise Management of Low Back Pain (EMLBP) — developed under the guidance of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

For practitioners, like me, of clinically based Pilates and rehabilitation, this is not a new method for the treatment of lower back pain: it has been part of my service to my clients for some time.

However, the new qualification means that such skills are recognised by GPs, osteopaths and other health professionals. So now officially they may refer you to an EMLBP-qualified providers such as me.

Managing Lower Back Pain

Anyone suffering lower back pain needs to take extra care in their choice of exercise.

I have clients who have sought my advice having become convinced that their exercise classes have not only failed to relieve pain but also may have contributed to it worsening.

Before recommending rehabilitation exercises I make a thorough assessment of which would be appropriate for you — no two backs are the same. I might even recommend delaying exercise in favour of some initial remedial massage.

I also warn against exercises that should be avoided at all costs.

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