Fitness Beyond Fifty

You are never too old to exercise. Indeed you might say it is even more important to exercise the older you get.

Recent reports predict increasing numbers of people are going to live until they are 100. If that is the case, then all the more reason for everyone to continue exercising in order to contribute to mobility and sense of well-being in later life.

I am Personal Trainer to clients in their fifties, sixties and seventies. Please view testimonials from some of these clients.

For one client, now in her seventies, I continue as her Personal Trainer after ten years working together.

Reasons for Choosing a Personal Trainer

The reasons members of this group of clients give for engaging a Personal Trainer include these:

  • Would not ever consider going to a gym
  • The people at the gym seemed to identify with young people only
  • Pilates classes at the gym focus on fitness attainment levels rather than on exercises for individual needs
  • Have previously held gym membership, but did not make use of it and now find that a Personal Trainer is much better value
  • Working with their Personal Trainer in the privacy of The Studio, gives them the confidence to exercise that they would lack in other surroundings
  • The encouragement of their Personal Trainer keeps them motivated, when finding motivation becomes harder as you get older.

The Right Fitness Programme

It is important to adopt a properly tailored programme for your fitness and state of health. To establish this, please see my Consultation page for details.